Renovate your home

Would you like to…

… live in a new or recently renovated house, but you don’t see the time to change?
… to update your house without much effort and without having to tear down partitions?
… … renovate the house you have just bought
… make the renovation of your dreams without having to save money?

Whatever your case, there are plenty of ways to update and add value to your home, and needless to say, make it a more pleasant home to live in right now.

We’ve compiled some easy options to encourage you to make the change that best suits your needs.

1. Painting is your best ally

Painting is the best way to add value to your home immediately. But don’t limit yourself to just painting the walls, consider treating the cupboards, doors or even some of the bathrooms that are more old-fashioned, and it will give your home a more modern touch.

Why not wallpaper the walls, it will radically change the style of the room and give it a very personal touch! Always speak to a professional first, as some of the steps will require special treatment to make sure it’s finished properly.


2. Replace the taps

You can give your bathroom or kitchen a totally different look with a simple change of taps, for example with matt black taps, or with modern designs.

That big renovation can wait if you make a small change now, such as updating old pipes (you’ll notice it on your water bill too).



3. Change the handles

Replacing door, cupboard or drawer handles can have a big impact on the look of your home.

For very little money, you can replace outdated handles in your kitchen. All you need is a tape measure, a screwdriver, and an hour of your time.


4. Take care of your windows

Small details like replacing outdated curtains or blinds with modern ones will add style to your rooms.

Conceal low ceilings by placing the curtain track closer to the ceiling: it will give a sense of height to the ceilings. A set of pretty curtains will give a fresh look to the whole room.

Seek the help of a decorator or use your imagination and do it yourself!


5. Change your kitchen worktop

There’s no need to put off the dream of your ideal kitchen until you buy another house… Changing the worktops in the kitchen or bathroom can create a really nice ambience and feel throughout the house.

Worktops are the focal point of a kitchen and are a real eye-catcher when you enter the «master room» of the house. Remember to do a good search for materials; for example, for the more daring, Corian is very fashionable thanks to its shine and the great variety of colours that exist, and granite, wood or marble for the more classic ones.


Por Adrienne Chaballe, lunes 17 julio, 2023