Tips to Sell Your House Successfully

The sale of your home is an important financial transaction for the buyer, which is also influenced by many subjective aspects, paying attention to certain details will give you the key to success.

At Seville Sotheby’s International Realty we advise you by putting at your disposal a team of extraordinary professionals, with a unique experience in the sector that will help you to sell your house for the best price.

1: Present your home in good condition

Potential buyers who visit the property have to imagine themselves living there, so it is important to ensure that the property is in the best possible condition. This includes fixing anything that is defective and making sure it is clean and well ventilated, creating as much space and light as possible, so that they get the best impression.

2: Select the agency with criteria

Beware of agencies that offer low commissions, it could be a clear indication that they have nothing unique to offer and can only compete on price.
Paying a little more for a good marketing strategy, excellent negotiating skills and a good profile of potential buyers pays off. Saving 2,000 Euros on a service will lose you 20,000 Euros on the final price of your house.

3: Ask the expert for evidence

It is important that the agent you have hired has knowledge of the area, and justifies the selling price with solid evidence of operations carried out and market prices of houses comparable to yours, as an incorrect and too high valuation will be detrimental to you as you will have to rectify the price, and that makes the property burn. Always try to ensure that whatever price you decide to set, your house is the best in that price range.
Explaining sales strategies and answering questions throughout the process is also important.

4: Collaborate with your agent

We must feel comfortable with who we have chosen to work with, it is important to trust their work without interfering in it, following their advice and suggestions. The advisor’s objective is the same, to sell at the best price.

5: Clients in portfolio

Ask your agent if he has a portfolio of clients to whom he can offer your house, they will all say yes but few will be able to prove it, ask what profile they have and how he works and communicates with them.

6: Advertising your property

To get a good result we need to exhaust all possibilities to reach as many interested buyers as possible, you have to let everyone who is looking for a house like yours know that your house is for sale. The advertising that your agent recommends will always be appropriate.

7: Put up a sign

Don’t think about curious neighbours, even they can spread the word about your interest in selling. The effectiveness of putting up your chosen agency’s sign is statistically proven and immediate – think of it as your 24/7 real estate agent!

8: Selling without a tenant

A property with tenants isn’t presented in the same condition, they are not as attractive and the tenant may put restrictions on you when viewing with potential buyers.

9: Don’t ignore offers

«The first offer is usually the best offer. Statistics prove it.
The first listing of a house arouses a lot of interest and this interest decreases over time, people get tired of always seeing the same thing. So don’t underestimate any offer because it is too early, listen and evaluate and let yourself be advised by your advisor who has a great knowledge of the market development.

Por alejandra, jueves 21 septiembre, 2023